• Dr. Jim Manganiello
    I Work With People Who Want To Create A Life That Can Be Well-Lived, Loved and Understood.

Dr. Jim Manganiello’s groundbreaking work takes depth psychotherapy to another level. Jim’s work not only heals and frees people, it also connects them to their soul, to who they truly are. It’s a genuine path to the "Great Mystery" that’s veiled inside all of us. What Jim does is a glimpse into the way psychotherapy will be taught and practiced in the future.

Dr. Tom Putnam
Jungian Analyst | Boston Psychoanalytic Institute 
Three Time President of the New England Society of Jungian Psychoanalysts

Dr. Jim Manganiello is an award winning depth psychologist, author and teacher. His work has won acclaim because of its creative innovation. And its power to help people heal, grow, thrive and live what really matters in life.


Because of depth psychology’s profound understanding of the human mind, depth therapy is much more effective than other forms of therapy. Recently available research from Dzogchen Psychology, a contemplative science, radically advances our understanding of the mind. Including the source of the mind's troubles and deepest possibilities. Dzogchen Psychology’s discovery of the mind’s very foundation and essence changes everything. 

In the same way that Polish astronomer Copernicus’ discovery that the sun, not the earth, is the center of our solar system, changed everything. Dzogchen Psychology research has unveiled the mind’s core root. This revolutionary discovery obliges depth psychology and depth therapy to revision themselves accordingly. This revisioning is part of my life's work.


Copernicus’ research rocked the boat big time. His view of the heavens was scoffed at by scientists, artists and church authorities. When his' work placed the sun at the center of things, it changed the role of astronomy in society. Dzogchen Psychology’s definitive discovery that the center and source of the mind is the Self, not the ego, will, in time, change the role of psychology and therapy as we know it. This involves the direct experience of what depth psychology has been talking about only intellectually for decades. 

We now KNOW what a sound, healthy mind is and how to cultivate and protect it. My work integrates this new knowledge in usable, healing, life-transforming ways. What I do renders earlier views about psychology and therapy limited and misinformed. My work enables people to break free from what keeps us stuck in a surface identity that's cut off from our depths, from our very soul.

Depth psychology and therapy's real purpose now is to bring light into the human mind and heart. So we can discover and live from who we truly are.  Only then can we feel more alive, joyful and fulfilled, living a life we can actually believe in.