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Reflection & Echo


One inauthentic style of dealing with shaky uncertainty is to try to negate it through achievement. Doing this, we can flee from self-doubt and insecurity, but just barely. We stay just a step ahead of it, like someone fleeing from an angry dog that's always right behind them.

Why struggle to steal by the darkness of night what we already own by the light of clear day?

Awareness is light.

If the surface thinking-mind saw Moses Burning Bush, it would run for a fire extinguisher.

Many of us work hard to achieve success and wealth because we are driven to do so. But even if we succeed, it's a half-hearted, external success only, not an inside-out success, not a success flowing from a deeply felt certainty about who we are and what our lives are uniquely about.

External success is overvalued. It’s driven from behind by our surface identity’s insecurities, not pulled from up ahead by the deepest possibilities of who we truly are.

Many people who make great effort to achieve wealth, fame and power come to realize that they wasted much time laboring in the hot noonday sun—chasing a mirage.

In truth, the past is never behind us and the future is never in front of us. Past and future are the thinking mind’s fictions.

We can’t enter the real world if we follow our thoughts. They should have taught us this in school. But they didn’t know. They still don’t. That’s why what’s on the news is on the news.

Make decisions from experiences of Being, not from discursive thought.

We each have 10 or so loops of conditioned recurring thought. When we follow one of these loops, we believe its content. And we live in its narrative as a protagonist. This is a waking dream. It’s a trance delusion.

Many people never directly experience life. Instead, they experience what they think about life.

If the surface thinking-mind were at the Last Supper, it would ask for a menu.

The Creative Imagination grants healing access to the wounded tissue in our psyche, wounds that would otherwise be inaccessible.

To be healthy and sane our mind needs to be tended to and cared for.