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Are You Dreaming, Right Now?

Waking Dreams are dreams in which the monsters of self-doubt, hesitation and uncertainty attack us at our most vulnerable spots.

We have Waking Dreams all the time. They are driven by our thinking-mind. If we follow our thinking mind’s thoughts, we drop into a distracting narrative and storyline that we mistakenly assume is real and valid. It isn’t. They happen whenever we’re not aware of what is going on in our mind. And we run into the risks and problems most "sleepwalkers" do. 

During sleep when you dream that a fierce monster is chasing you, you flee in dread and horror. Why? Because your dream View is that you’re in danger. You’re dreaming, but you’re not aware of it.


Once you wake up, your Location shifts to “awake” and your View and Reality shift accordingly. No need to look for the monsters under the bed. Because you are aware and so you now KNOW there are none. An important focus of my depth therapy work is to enable you to avoid the perils of living life in too many waking dreams. Including the danger of falling into work and relationships we don’t really believe in, but accept anyway.

We can fall into Waking Dreams throughout the day. Dreams in which our fear, self-doubt and insecurity “monsters” chase us around—when we lack the awareness to realize we are dreaming”. When we are unaware that we’re in a Waking Dream, we mistake these dream monsters as real. Only awareness will help us avoid and awaken from our Waking Dreams.


This post is drawn from the 2nd edition of my book Unshakable Certainty: now available at Amazon in digital format: http://dld.bz/carRs or first edition in printed format: http://dld.bz/carQ5. The book offers a powerful method to stay awake, drawn from the New Depth Psychology. If you are interested, but can’t afford the book, let me know and I will send it to you, no charge.

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