What People Are Saying

Dr. Jim Manganiello’s groundbreaking work takes depth psychotherapy to another level. Jim’s work not only heals and frees people, it also connects them to their soul, to who they truly are. It’s a genuine path to the "Great Mystery" that’s veiled inside all of us. What Jim does is a glimpse into the way psychotherapy will be taught and practiced in the future.

Dr. Tom Putnam
Jungian Analyst | Boston Psychoanalytic Institute
Three Time President of the New England Society of Jungian Psychoanalysts

Jim is a remarkably gifted psychologist. His impeccable work is a beacon. Jim has extraordinary insight and compassion. He is one of the few truly wise people I have ever met.

Julianna Bates, Ph.D.
Neuroscientist, Harvard Medical School, Mass General Hospital

Jim Manganiello is my favorite psychologist. I turn to his ideas often. His work changes psychology and therapy in the same way that quantum mechanics changed classical physics. Jim has worked out a path to the timeless depth and sanity that lives within us all. His explanation of this is a thing of creative beauty, like a Miles Davis trumpet solo our soul longed to hear.

Frank Arnold
Celebrated Abstract Expressionist Artist

Psychologist Dr. Jim Manganiello’s pioneering work makes an important contribution to the future evolution of human life on our planet. I’ve stressed that the next phase of evolution must be driven intentionally by humanity. Psychology is pervasive and omnipresent in human life. If our species is to avoid destroying itself and the planet—it must understand and remedy the psychological forces that drive us into individual and collective harm. Into callous disregard for ourselves, each other and our planet. Most of what passes for psychology today is of little help. Jim’s trailblazing work calls for a deeper, more compelling psychology, a psychology that is well-informed by contemplative science. Jim’s work opens the door to species-saving wisdom. And to the life-enhancing potential of a truly awake, sound and sane mind.

John Stewart
Evolution, Complexity and Cognition Research Group, The Free University of Brussels
Author of Evolution's Arrow and The Evolutionary Manifesto

Jim Manganiello is a gifted speaker with an uncanny ability to use metaphor and story to demonstrate a deep understanding of the human spirit’s remarkable possibilities for healing, growth and excellence. Jim leaves people moved, energized and engaged.

Barry Panter, M.D., Ph.D.
Psychoanalyst. Founder and Director, Creativity and Madness Conferences

Jim is brilliant. I have seen Jim work wonders for many high achieving professionals.

Tim Butler, Ph.D.
Harvard Business School

I marvel at just how good Jim is at what he does. His level of work is a rare find.

Joanna Stull, R.N., M.A. LMHC

Jim Manganiello's work is pure gold. Jim is a wise, compassionate, funny and sometimes audacious man who sees with keen eyes.

Rita Heron, NP—Psychiatry